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Want to buy something affordable and highly efficient? Modvigil is here for you. It’s a harmless medication manufactured by HAB Pharmaceuticals, Indian 5th largest company specializing in generic production. It has just all the necessary effects which good smart drugs should have – it’s mood-enhancing, concentration-improving and alertness-increasing thing that actually works. And furthermore, it’s cheaper than Modalert tablets!



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Modvigil is a popular Modafinil generic similar to Sun Pharma’s Modalert 200. A drug is manufactured by a reliable Indian company named HAB Pharma Ltd. HAB is one of the most powerful pharmaceutical companies in India with a lot of regional centers and branch offices around the world. It may be not as big as Sun Pharma but it is world’s 5th largest specialty generic manufacturer and highly accredited pharmaceutical company.

Some users consider Modvigil to be even more efficient with a strong ability of cognitive enhancement. Anyway, we recommend you trying our products yourself. That’s why we offer our customers free trials of the most popular Modafinil generics on the market. Modvigil products are shipped directly from HAB Pharma, so that we can maintain the required stock levels.

Modvigil vs Modalert – What’s the Difference?

Modalert and Modvigil are different versions of the same drug, Modafinil. We may say in general they reach you to the similar result, but however they are slightly different. First of all, they’re manufactured by different companies: Modalert is made by the most powerful Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer named Sun Pharma Ltd., and Modvigil is made by a reliable but much smaller company called HAB.

Those two manufacturers differ from each other in production scales, not in quality of their products. The main ingredient, pure Modafinil, is absolutely the same, so it doesn’t matter at all what size the companies are.

You know what they say, no two snowflakes are the same. And there’re also no two people which are alike, even if they’re twins. So, it’s not surprising that everyone responds to drugs in a different way. When it comes to choosing between Modvigil and Modalert, you should try them both and decide which one really works for you. As we’ve noticed, our clients consider Modalert to be a little bit stronger than Modvigil, and Modvigil is known to be slightly more digestible.

Modvigil Genuine Packaging

Modvigil is popular due to both its highest efficiency and the great quality packaging made of perforated plastic and flexible alluminium foil. Super flexible blisters protect light-sensitive medications against UV rays and also keep tablets dry and fresh.

Strips give an easy access to the tablets and make it more convenient for users to take pills out of the blister pack, which could be cut or torn along the dotted lines. Thanks to handy blisters, Modvigil is so easy to store and carry.


Dosage Guide

- First-Time Users: 100 mg/day dose. We recommend taking a pill an hour before you start working.
- Patients with Sleep Problems and Disorders (Narcolepsy, Central Sleep Apnea, etc.): 200 mg/day taken orally as a single dose.
- Patients with SWD (Shift Work Sleep Disorders): 200 mg/day approximately an hour before you start working.
- We warn you against taking more than your recommended dose. The maximum dose of the drug is 400mg, or 2 pills a day.

Precautions and Recommendations

The recommend starting dose of Modvigil is 100 mg/day for any users irrespective of their diagnosis, age and weight. That dose is quite sufficient to keep you feel awake, energized and happy. Modvigil is an extra quality version of Modafinil drug, and the dose is optimal for non-routine use. If you are a long-term user, we recommend you taking 200 mg a day for best performance.

A whole pill is perfect for the long-term users to keep them focused and to help them increase alertness and wakefulness. But we strongly suggest you do not take more than 400 mg, or 2 pills a day.

Modvigil Shipping

We ship Modvigil medications to over 200 countries around the globe. All the orders are shipped within 24 hours in case a payment is confirmed. Here at Modafinil Delivery, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and you also have an opportunity to shop Modvigil online using Bitcoins. An approximate delivery time is 7 – 14 days. To see the details and find the answers to your questions, please visit our FAQ page.